Hassle-free STX donations for any website

Allow your biggest fans to support your work through a Bitcoin-powered internet.

Receive donations in under 5 minutes

  • Add a div to your page
  • Add the stx.me library to your page
  • Profit

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Getting Started

Add the stx.me container to your webpage

<div id="stx-me"></div>

Add the stx.me script to your webpage

<script src="https://unpkg.com/stx-me/dist/stx.me.js"></script>

Initialize stx.me with your wallet address


Add stx.me stylesheet (optional)

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/stx-me/dist/stx.me.css"></link>

The example on this page uses the stx.me stylesheet


The stx.me function takes a second, optional parameter of options. The following options are allowed:

interface AppDetails {
  name: string;
  icon: string;

interface ConfigOptions {
  showAddress?: boolean;
  appDetails?: AppDetails;
  successMessage?: string;
  buttonText?: string;
  network?: string;


Used to configure what users will see within the Stacks wallet.

nameAn app name to display in the Stacks wallet.
iconThe path to an icon to display in the Stacks wallet.


Used to configure how the stx.me button behaves.

showAddressDisplay your stacks address on your webpage.
appDetailsConfiguration for the Stacks wallet pop ups.
successMessageA message to display to users on successful donation.
buttonTextA message to display on the donation button.
networkThe Stacks network transactions should be sent on.